Steve Mallinson ~ NLP Master Practitioner, Coach, Hypnotherapist


* NLP Master Practitioner level with Judith De Lozier, co-founder of NLP, (Bali Learning Community 1991), * NLP Practitioner with J.S.A., * B.A. Soc. (Hons), * PGCE . * Dip Hypnotherapy (Halcyon College, USA 1991), * Advanced Hyp with Paul McKenna and Richard Bandler, co-founder of NLP, * BlastTechnique Practitioner, * Dip Hypnotherapy (JHA), * Cert Hypnosis (MMHA) (2021).

With a life long interest in Neurolinguistics, positive psychology and hypnotherapy, I have had the pleasure to receive training from some of the world’s best trainers, founders and innovators in the field.

“ My aim is to empower you to heal yourself from limiting mental or emotional patterns & physical conditions, enabling you to realise your greater potentials, skills and abilities, thrive and find happiness.” SM

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