NLP in Bristol

NLP – Modern Positive, Practical Psychology

NLP developers modelled the world’s top therapists and communicators, people who consistently produced excellence in their field. NLP changes how memories, thoughts, beliefs, behaviours and experiences are coded in your mind, rather than talking about or analysing them ( The structure rather than the content ). NLP enables change to occur very rapidly and is  pleasurable, insightful and produces lasting changes.

Confident, healthy and empowering states are achieved as you access your inner resources

Practically, this means that you do not have to repeatedly go over and re-live or analyse the experiences you want to change. In an NLP session, you will literally be creating new thought patterns, beliefs and behaviours. You will be building  your resources to the fullest, applying them to new areas and developing new feelings, states and strategies that work for you. You’ll be creating new neural pathways that empower you to change for good.

Change rapidly and realise more of your full potential

Whilst reading this page you may have begun, either consciously or unconsciously to recognise some of the changes you would like to make in your life…perhaps through an inner feeling letting you know that you are now ready to make the shifts you have been longing to make…or on hearing an inner call telling you that now is the right time to respond ..or by seeing clearly through and beyond the limited vision of the past. Whatever form it may take, allow yourself to be inspired with possibilities and know that change is possible and available right now..

I felt immediately at ease around Steve. His demeanour is calm and focused.
His techniques are very effective. Highly recommended”. Mr T Salter

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