PTSD Treatment

Blast-Technique ( Advanced EMDR ) for PTSD

I’m happy to offer a new treatment modality which has been shown by neuro-science research to effectively treat PTSD from accidents, trauma, unresolved events, military service etc. Based on EMDR but with a far more effective and quicker procedure, BLAST Technique® is set to revolutionise the world of therapy just as NLP has done. BLAST Technique® ( Bi Lateral Analysis & Stimulation Treatment ) effectively removes the excess emotional charge from the limbic system, allowing difficult memories to be processed by the whole brain as they would with normally coded memories.

This resolves symptoms of PTSD and trauma such as flashbacks, anxiety, insomnia, self esteem issues and masking of emotion that may often lead to negative ways of coping, emotional or sleep problems for example.


Emdr – eye movement desensitisation + reprocessing came initially from the co-founder of NLP John Grinder’s suggestion of how to use particular eye movements to process trauma to Francine Shapiro. She then developed these suggestions into a format. Other NLP pioneers such as Steve Andreas also developed similar techniques such as EMIT ( eye movement integration therapy ). BLAST Technique is similar to both of these but significantly unique and different in incorporating effective protocols, elements of NLP and hypnotherapy to boost its effects.

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